Remote Hands Program

Remote Hands Program for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS2009


You can successfully install Microsoft Dynamics RMS yourself, however there is a necessary amount of preparation we recommend if this is the first time you're introducing this solution into a retail business. Our experience coupled with your hands on interaction with the product can deliver a viable solution that lasts you years to come.

Please be sure to thoroughly read through this page for details on this program.

  • Perform a Discovery
    • A privilege we offer to our local clientele is now extended to our web based clients through this Remote Hands Program. Upon purchase of a Remote Hands Program we deliver you a needs analysis document that we call a Discovery. This document outlines every option available in Microsoft Dynamics RMS along with a list of the pros and cons and our recommendation. You will also receive worksheets for you to detail retail policies and processes that must be addressed for every retailer.
    • Your Discovery document is delivered immediately upon your purchase of a Remote Hands Program and we recommend that you spend time with your management team reviewing it. Upon your review of these documents we perform a conference call with your team and ours in an effort to review your choices, clarify any questions, and make further suggestions on how your new retail management system should be configured.

  • Determine your Software Needs
    • Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a complete retail management solution. And, a core component is the Point of Sale application that allows your retail business the ability to process sales transactions. In order for you to determine the correct version of the product you must choose the total number of computers that will process those sales transactions. These computers that process sales transactions are commonly referred to as "Lanes". And, the total number of lanes you purchase determines how many computer systems will process sales transactions. This is how Microsoft licenses this product: if you intend on having 1 system process sales transaction you must purchase a single (1) lane license of Microsoft Dynamics RMS. If you intend on having 2 systems process sales transactions you must purchase a 2 lane license of Microsoft Dynamics RMS.
    • Always remember, that you can install the back office portion (inventory management, purchase orders, receiving, reporting, customer management, and much more) of Microsoft Dynamics RMS on an unlimited number of computer systems in your store, however, those systems cannot process sales transaction, since they are not licensed to do so. However, you may always add additional licenses to process sales transactions at anytime without impacting your day to day operations.

  • Determine your hardware needs
    • You will require at least a few pieces of hardware in order for your system to function efficiently. We outline those options in our Remote Hands section called "What You Need". You should review this section before making a purchase decision in order to appropriately determine the hardware you will require. Alternatively, you may always call us directly to work with you in determining the necessary hardware to purchase. Regardless of whether you determine those needs on your own or in conjunction with our retail consultants, we will review your choices and make any recommendations to add or eliminate items that may or may not be a good fit or conducive to your budget or immediate needs: one of our major goals is to ensure you receive only what is required for you to run a successful retail business and eliminate any unnecessary expenses.

  • How will you process credit cards?
    • Microsoft Dynamics RMS provides integrated credit card processing through many Merchant Processors, which is always recommended. Integrated credit card processing allows quick transaction approvals that aid in streamlining sales and improving the customer experience. In addition, it also provides for a quick and simple closing procedure at the end of day.
    • You are not required to choose from a short list of Merchant Processors. In many cases, you can use an existing relationship with your bank or an existing Merchant Processor. We make recommendations for a Merchant Processor that delivers only the best in customer service, great rates, and valuable services like free gift cards and online reporting tools. Again, however, you may choose to work with almost any Merchant Processor in the Industry.

  • System Configuration
    • In order for your to ensure you have an effective retail management tool in place for your retail business, we configure each system that leaves our facility. This service provides you with piece of mind, since a certified and trained professional has finalized your system configuration. Once a configuration is finalized, you have the opportunity to review those configurations in a live environment, where your Microsoft Dynamics RMS is viewed in a video based online conference call. We will display the processes and configurations that you agreed upon, so that if any changes are required they are made prior to delivery of your retail management system.
    • In addition, each system we deliver has a custom user manual specifically intended to detail the physical setup of each piece of hardware you purchased. We use color manuals with bullet point instructions along with pictures of the exact pieces of hardware you chose, which simplifies things for your initial setup and allows for future reference in the case of moving hardware locations in your store, or in the event you move your physical store to a new location in the future.
    • In addition to the items outlined above, we provide valuable services with every Remote Hands Program.

  • Technical Support
    • Every Remote Hands Program we offer provides you with assistance along the way, whether it is immediate setup help or guidance down the road. Rest assured that you have an opportunity to review processes, configurations, and ask any questions within the specified timeframe of your technical support terms.
    • Currently, we offer 30 days of system setup assistance at no additional charge. This means that you can contact us to help with the physical setup of your retail management system.
    • In addition, we also offer free Retail Consultations for every customer who purchases a Remote Hands Program from us. This is good for 12 months from the time you purchase your Remote Hands Program.
    • We encourage you to communicate with us in order to evaluate your current processes throughout the course of your retail venture. There are so many features within RMS that increase efficiency that it may take some time for you to begin using them, and through communication with our staff we can ensure that you are not taking incorrect approaches that botch efficiency or integrity of your retail management system. Please note that training on these processes is not something that we offer for free, however, we will recommend that you use a particular feature in order to meet your needs and then provide you with the documentation on how to implement that feature, so that you may implement the solution. We also offer you the opportunity to purchase online training videos that expose these features with detailed how to instructions. Keep an eye out for our free videos too, since we consistently offer random training videos at no cost to you. You may view a complete list of our training videos, which we develop in house, under the "Training Video" section of this web site

We hope that this Remote Hands section has provided you with useful information. We will continue to review the needs expressed by our Clients and update our Remote Hands Programs and value added services like Technical Support. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Who Should, and Who Shouldn't

So, you are thinking about installing Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations yourself. We can assist you, however you should at least meet these minimum requirements in order to successfully build a stable retail management system. Otherwise, we highly recommend you contact us for assistance, since we provide a complete solution including needs assessment, configuration, installation, training and support.

  • Ability to follow well outlined technical instructions
  • Understanding of installing Windows applications/programs
  • Navigating Windows using "My Computer" and Windows Explorer
  • Basic Knowledge of Windows Networking, including...
    • Assigning IP Addresses
    • Setting up file shares

  • Recognition of computer interfaces, including USB, Serial, Parallel, and PS/2
  • Ability to receive telephone based guidance from a U.S. based Company
  • Time and patience to get the job done the right way the first time

If you feel that you can meet these basic requirements, we can easily guide you through the process of setting up Microsoft Dynamics RMS.


The following benefits of performing a do-it-yourself of Microsoft Dynamics RMS will allow you to further assess performing an install on your own. Please review below:

  • Reduce Initial Investment (when meeting the minimum requirements)
  • Perform install according to your own schedule
  • Learn at your own pace with our online training tools
  • Access to our Technical Support

What You Need

Outside of the minimum knowledge requirements we outline, you will need to review the Technical Requirements in order to decide on exactly what you will need for this project. Please review below:

      PC *Minimum* Recommended Requirements

      You may choose to purchase a new POS Bundle from us, which will include a compatible computer and all other hardware. Or, you may utilize an existing computer as long as it meets our recommended minimum requirements. Please note that these minimum requirements are put together based on our experience with satisfied customers, since 1999.

      Pentium or Celeron 1.8GHz Processor or better
      512 MB RAM
      40GB HD with at least 2GB available
      4 USB Ports
      CD-ROM Drive
      9-Pin Serial Com Port (optional)
      Monitor with a minimum resolution of 800x600
      Phone Line or High Speed Internet (for credit card processing)

      Credit Card Processing

      Microsoft Dynamics RMS provides the ability to directly integrating Credit Card Processing, which means you can eliminate old style countertop credit card machines and simply add a credit card (aka Mag Stripe Reader) swipe to your computer. This allows you the ability to process credit cards without the need to lease additional and expensive hardware from your Merchant Processor. It also provides added benefits by allowing a quick and accurate closing procedure at the end of day.

      Barcode and Label Printing

      If your business requires printing barcode labels to affix to your product, you will need a barcode printer or at minimum a laserjet printer with Avery Labels. However, please realize that using a laserjet printer to print barcode labels is only recommended if you print small numbers of labels per month. It is much more cost effective and time efficient to print a large number of labels using a dedicated Barcode Label Printer.

      Barcode Scanner

      Barcode scanners are recommended for quickly locating product at the point of sale. It also allows for accuracy by ensuring the correct product is being sold and the appropriate inventory is being reduced at the time of sale.

      Cash Drawer

      Many retailers purchase a locking cash drawer when they order a POS System. You may wish to mount your cash drawer under the countertop of your cash wrap, or if your cash wrap is being custom built you can provide your carpenter with the dimension of your new cash drawer and have it "embedded" within the counter.

      Receipt Printer

      A receipt printer is necessary to provide your customer with an itemized receipt of the sale as well as the credit card transaction. In some cases, you may wish to print to an 8.5" x 11" printer, however, most retailers wish to print onto a smaller receipt, which is 3.18" in width. These are the typical receipts you find at most retail locations.

      Battery Backup

      A battery backup combines the benefit of a surge protector along with the ability to keep your computer up in the event of a power failure -- long enough for the software that comes with the battery to gracefully shut down the computer and its applications. A battery backup generally costs $100 or less, and can be well worth the money when you compare it to the cost of reloading crashed computers.